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235 g
235 g
235 g

Our honeys are raw and crystallize in a self-preservation natural procedure. If you prefer liquid honey, it can be heated in a double boiler to less than 40 ºC. It is known that honey has good benefits because of its antimicrobial, bactericide, digestive, sedative, antibiotic and healing properties.

Three honey varieties are offered.

Thousand flowers honey. Its flavour is intense and its colour changes depending on the predominant flower. It has digestive properties and increases vitality.

Eucalyptus honey. With a strong an unmistakable flavour, it is also sweet and slightly bitter. Its colour is dark ochre and the aroma is intense and persisting. It has soothing properties.

Rosemary honey. It is light-coloured and has a soft and sweet flavour. Its aroma is not intense and its persistence is medium. It has invigorating properties in case of stress and exhaustion.